Robotic surgery the surgeon will go inside the patient's throat...


Robotic surgery the surgeon will go inside the patient's throat...

Robot surgeons seem particularly alarming in view, it will crawl inside the patient's throat and will be operated. This robot is controlled by a surgeon Joystick, this has been an HD camera.

As the snake robot surgeon, the operation is designed to assist surgeons in the theater there. This flexible wave eats a snake robot surgeon would be very useful in difficult to access places where surgery to surgeons. 

The robot surgeon or assistant robots created the idea first in 2004, which resulted in Carnegie Milan University was Professor Uh cust the University's Robotics Institute was ready robot surgeon and the first robot of its kind better hands on commercial basis Is.
How does it work robot?

The flakes are internal and external mechanisms for robotic systems. The external mechanisms which raise the surgeon creates a strong platform for the internal components of the surgical operation. The technology's unique design offers surgeons the chance that he could see more and access more than the maximum working distance can (operation). Thus we come to the most affected areas were the surgeon.

It easily reaches the site through the mouth and throat after surgery for surgeons to do this remains a problem. But the surgeon who is out for the patient to be present at the time of the operation, so that they could work to understand the case shown in the photo robotic surgeon.


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