Robot arrested in Russia...


Robot arrested in Russia...

Moscow: Russian police arrest a political rally when the robot before the robot is wrong phylacka lives and routines.

This robot was collecting public opinion in the meeting of Russian parliamentary candidate Valery Kalash, who was engaged in political purposes. 

Meanwhile, in June when the robot was one out away from the experience of Perm city and was wandering the streets that had traffic jams in several places.

Police arrested him robots underground train station. According to the Facebook video is encircled robots few people have tried to handcuff the robots which are 2 police officers. 

In the video, a man asked the police would be put in jail you really robots? If not answered at that! We are trying to remove from the metro station.

When police arrested prumubut he was running a political campaign in favor of Russian politician Valery Kalash. The candidates who are attracted to robots and why they have chosen this for your campaign.


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