Research on the space particles surrounding the earth...


Research on the space particles surrounding the earth...

America sent its first satellite, Explorer One is the gap in 1958. Physics scientists from information received from the satellite James Van Allen's investment spans four hundred died in the space it was discovered. The earth was much more wheels incumbrancer tube-like particles contain rushing invest surrounded by two circles. 

Electrons and protons that powerful inner circle outer circle contains only electrons. Both circles are called Van Allen radiation belts (Van Allen radiation belts investment). These particles move nearly the speed of light would have created a dangerous environment for satellites and astronauts in space.

A few years special interest has been the heart of the scientific understanding of the Van Allen belts. The reason for this is that new technologies will have a maximum duration of these ballots satellite that requires it. Especially GPS Satellites operate within the center of the strips or rings. 

From the University of California expert Geophysics Yuri sprt that technology innovation through becoming more satellites, aircraft size and other space instruments short, and accordingly there are increasing risks of being infected by their strength encryption.

The most dangerous particles for human-made space equipment moving electrons to almost the speed of light, which are called relativistic and ultra-relativistic electrons. Latter particles can also influence are particularly dangerous and the safest satellites. That is why they are also called 'killer electrons'. Yuri sprt that relativistic electrons artificial syarunky safety is the ultra-relativistic electrons is practically impossible to rescue them.

Since the discovery of space radiation Investment understand the dynamics of these particles is a major challenge for scientists. Since the late 1960s, and in recent years scientists have been various attempts to understand the emission of negative incumbrancer particles from the Van Allen belts. 

One theory in this regard that it is the electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves will spread the particles in space. These waves are precipitated by the penetration ayunun which contain heavy and highly energy electrons. These waves could scatter the electrons in space science, but scientists could not recover till now confirmed. So far the strongest possible factor emission of electrons scientists are the waves.

The sprt cars and in 2006 we presented another hypothesis regarding the emission of electrons. This assumption was actually a mechanism. Scientists had suggested that Ben alsyaraty enter the space suddenly disappeared more than ninety percent of the particles, they could not take hold in the terrestrial magnetic field. Sprt and her team further studies which testify to the presence of this mechanism.

Dr. sprt According to their studies and experiences have provided an answer to a basic question about the space environment, and on this basis would be met new mode to clean Stock dangerous radiation from the radiation Car belts surrounding the earth.


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