Refrigerators binding on the waist to keep vaccines cool...


Refrigerators binding on the waist to keep vaccines cool...

London: The biggest obstacle in delivering vaccines in backward and remote areas is the lack of a system to cool them but can be worn on the waist, a British engineer, took a refrigerator and thus can 
save thousands of lives of millions .

It has been named as 22-year-old engineer at the University of London Borough Take the 'aysubar' cooling systems. Engineer can be loaded on the back of the refrigerator and the vaccine will be possible to save the required temperature hurting them bad. 

Before the Project Engineer of China, Vietnam and visited Kampuchea and then to find out their problems with the medical staff learned that the chilling effect the 'cold chain' becomes corrupted 

vaccine from breaking because everywhere electricity and refrigerators in no.

So go into the mouths of millions of children die annually throughout the world and their lives can be saved with proper vaccinations.

The engineer then the cool temperature of the refrigerator temperature is 8 degrees 2 and the cold is highly suitable for uykysyn. Once an hour is valid for 6 days to charge small refrigerators. It can charge electricity and propane gas. Now they are making it more models.


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