Read blind by bearer ring-shaped camera...


Read blind by bearer ring-shaped camera...

Maryland to help put out light camera finger blind people still can read any kind of book because turning finger on the line camera to the words and phrases that can listen to the blind, while the invention raised dots in Braille words or do not need books.

There are also an FBI as many app for the blind that the picture book tells replacement text but not blind or low vision people book page or paper corner image right and the camera is designed to reduce the wear on the finger.

University of Maryland scientists device name, BIDART site 'or the manual is a fine view of the camera for aynduaskupy is only one mm thick. This camera is on the tips of fingers and street turn shrinks the text seems to tell whether tips Recived newspaper, book or a restaurant menu. Camera vibrations it guides of the finger and the words read speed can also be controlled.

He was tried on 19 blind and school books in front of them and the magazine. They average 63 to 81 read 90 words a minute when read 115 words through Braille system. Sight of the lucky people who can read 200 words per minute.

Study of finger-pointing:

Many participants found it very effective. That did not rest any superior when it affects the life of a blind man said. But he said that it is relatively easy to find a line that read finger camera in Braille and smooth.

Blind Foundation in Washington, said that the technology could prove helpful it is difficult to read because of where the hidden text output. The company will try to connect the device to the Smart Watch to identify colors and features of the camera in the future so that more of the target.


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