Parents are aware of the use of technology


Parents are aware of the use of technology

In this there is no doubt that the technology has become a necessity. We certainly numerous benefits and sometimes feel a little loss as it not being socially connected people. With more to adults than children with the mobile phone, tablet and lab spend on top.

Children spend limits and use of technology is the main duty of the parents to guide their selection of the correct material use of the Internet. First, children should be trained to keep balance in real life and technology. The unlimited time to spend on the screen bcunky is harmful to mental and physical health. Kids used the screen to get away from education. 

Determine the specific time for children and warn them of the consequences of spending more time on the screen. One of two hours of screen time for very young children, in order to protect their eyes and the harmful effects of brain radiation.

The main concern of parents is to train lay selecting the right material on the Internet. For children and young people have the best collection of information on the Internet, but the way are lack of guidance Kids often busy at fair game, photos and links are, which is why children of Cyber ​​Crime become victims.The third thing is, social networking, which will certainly benefit. This would have the effect connected with the relatives and friends overseas, but from the lack of proper guidance and information are the losers. 

Most teenagers are neglected that the photos Post photos have been out there in their hand, and the post once, even the post for one (where images temporarily in snap chat) no, do not allow account will be used for viewing photos that their purposes can not say for sure, so children under the age of social resources to communicate with his 13 years is the duty of parents (social media), child Privacy bring the often lower minimum age for access to social media sites is set 13 years, the parents determine any principles of effective dialogue, and potential losses in the event of the infringement Please be aware.

The guidance of the technology by the parents of children ages use. If children aged five to seven years, it is best for the game and to block all sites except education and be able to sit in front of the screen than an hour. 

These are also the parents do not have to lead the way in their understanding of a child are more understanding, but children to demonstrate responsibility in real life often run into problems in the world of technology, so parents of all children Keep in constant monitoring and guidance in this regard.

Remember that technology is no longer the list of prohibited materials wide, that you simply make sense of demonstrating appropriate rules for their children, so they should always be the true sense of the online and no? The parent to access the Web sites their children without supervision. Growing children should be aware that any software, apps, free apps or bayyng do not download apps without the knowledge of parents.

Parents should be aware of which programs to install any program in ignorance of parents that the 'online' children be binding strongly and if the parents have installed a program like (Parental Control) or anti-virus, etc., it should not not put it privately to children who have met online training to be even-handed. Do not harass 

anyone on the Internet do not argue, parents ensure their access to any technology, enabling it to be used in monitoring.If the children do homework, parents relaxation there is also a need to make the project members or friends and Skype is no problem. It would be cruel impression you make rules to children, but lgyngy them in their advantage.
Make sure your parents Administrative Assistant on any device so that all installation, made by the children aware of the installation and downloading. If you are wearing Parental Control, if the 'Password' lest the child be able to ask and secure it with password 'computer.

Children are not only important for the parents, but the future of this great nation. Today snuaryngy them, tomorrow will benefit the responsibility for joint training, schools, the media, the purpose of all social institutions, technology is the need of time and the loss of only child abuse, but the entire society. and the future of the nation, therefore, to provide children with the right training it is our duty.


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