Once charging electric bus in only 15 seconds


Once charging electric bus in only 15 seconds

Geneva: Experimental such as large electric city buses are being run in the Swiss capital, whose batteries are charged in just 15 seconds and it would become fast again moving towards their destination.

This cosmopolitan and fast charging electric buses driven companies Switzerland developed in collaboration with the government. When the batteries are installed at the bottom of each bus that moves data on a roof.

Geneva airport also city buses stop running these different areas are such that they are designed specifically charging plug on significant height. 

Just like the buck stops at the stop takes hold passengers up and down between the gap in the deck figure, charging plug began to stop and 600 kg of the bus batteries in a short period of just 15 seconds watts gives more power to charge.

There are only 15 seconds after charging a bus takes 4 to 5 minutes at full charging of the batteries reached 130 passengers can travel further to get to the bus terminal 2 km (bus station).

The Swiss officials said that until 2018, the service will begin all of these buses daily to more than 10 thousand people have access to public transport facilities, while keeping a low level to reduce air pollution will greatly help.


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