On the preparation of a variety of gases in this area...


On the preparation of a variety of gases in 

this area...

Kigali, Rwanda: HFC or 'Hydro Fluoro karbnz' called the Ozone Loss gases carbon dioxide, but can not phncatyn times hotter than the air in 1430.

Environmental protection of the Paris Agreement is likely to ban the United Nations special session on the environment in which the dignity of a gas (a greenhouse gas) in Kigali, Rwanda to finalize the city.

Over the nearly 30 years the second time the gas will be possible when the ban on emissions. Prior to 1987, the Montreal Protocol, under environmental experts used in refrigerators, Culver Fluoro karbnz '(FC) had imposed a global ban on the gases because the family of gases, the ozone around the earth the cover had been severely damaged.

It had been banned for immediate application and refrigerators / Deep fryzrun for use in a variety of gases, HFC, was approved.

This means that only one of the effects of climate tonnes of HFC will be equal to 1430 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Experts will be required to agree to all the people of the world hope that the implementation process will begin around 2018.

HFC decided one of approval or non-approval will come before the global ban until 14 October 2016.
The HFC gases in the atmosphere at the amount, only 2 percent of carbon dioxide, but the impact of small amounts of carbon dioxide than 29 times.


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