Observe, study and experience...


Observe, study and experience...

Most of us would have seen that some people are complaining they are so intelligent and talented people there are not many of them around the house or school. 

They believe that other people are more intelligent and therefore they are fixed to the floor advances. Similar complaints are debated by researchers looked for a long time to resolve what they are things that can be observed for this purpose near hyn.mahryn increases intelligent people skills, study and experience the role are.

Intelligence itself is nothing. Observing human experience and knowledge is actually created this intelligence. You can see how things are somewhere in your surroundings, you can see and feel something, anything can test, what happens over the fact that your thinking. You see your life. Find different kinds of people. 

You can feel it. Why is this the way to treat people in the work place or is it? There are many different people in such a place? What attitude is the one with the other? The different directions of observation.

Other important increase mental abilities hy.mtalah study gives you mental capacity. In terms of competition with persons who holds the position. Gives you confidence and makes wise hy.mtalah gives you individuality. That is why a study that identified during the conversation very easily from person to person.

The third thing is the experience of human potential and increase mental capacity. When a person takes any action in practice during the observation and study of it shows more new things. If we are every time someone experienced in all human life. We give ourselves to influence how these experiences and above all we are getting something new from these experiences. In fact, that is what motivates us to move forward and be successful.

Use the following tips to bring life in the three months 
likely to be useful are:

1. Just enough to see any in the area around the life habit to feel the depth of the changes happening around us and see. Today the world lost in time and you end up losing a lot of skills to be negligent to observe hyn.kamyab people around whom you can learn to better observe the small things in life and 
examining the ability of ordinary people He is much more than the ability to further learning.

2. I also place in my life, in any circumstances and in any part of the old study brings to you is something that each and every situation. Many empirical studies that believes in living life as it is only during the formal education. It is not true. Through the study of the experiences you gain knowledge and experiences of others which you plan your life goals are to be able to more enlightenment.

3. Every time I see something in life, you're home, office, university, market place, they do different work. This analysis of the functions in the process. I was able to avoid it.

4. The money will go destined life but whose character is only two percent, it byanuy of the character and try to find new ways must surely try to hy.su. It is unlikely that you try and find rewarding. But there is definitely handyr can find.

Many 5.Will in life is that you will observe that I pick studies. If it is often necessary to explain the process through fear and experiences that you took the life journey of success gzaryn.msahdy, three 
studies and experience with balance.

For this purpose, you can get help from the people around him who are considered to be successful in any field. You meet different people and ask questions. They had been through many experiences in life. They have failed many times in goal .It is very keen on the reasons that caused them to fail. They can tell you off the most useful for success in life.

The study was made to expand your mental horizons as well as creating like being with people you love inside knowledge. Social or other activities associated with people who are in the field. They are aware of the complexities of this field. On practical and experimental aspect of life can be learned from them. So that flounce up and balance is essential to success in life.


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