Now veered agent into your smart phone spy software...


Now veered agent into your smart phone spy software...

The ISO group of employees are similar to other human beings in the face pawn and physical heath. They wake up in the morning, hand wash, breakfast, and go to my office. His office capital of Israel, 
located in Tel Aviv region hrzyla.

They are holding their seats are won on the job. This creates a rare and mysterious work that sets it apart from the others hy.kmpyutr software maker that Israeli experts were highly sophisticated and innovative program to spy on a user entered in smartphones. The program is not entered in the smartphone spy a spy software that secretly so that the user can not reach at the knowledge of all the information entered in the phone stolen.

Interestingly, it was known before 10 August 2016 and the few NS Group (NSO Group). The dead were given a global reputation as a leading Israeli company. It was earlier received two e-mail message to Ahmed Mansour in August. Ahmed Mansour, a social leader and the leader of the United Arab Emirates Human Rights. Been jailed after criticizing the UAE government. The government often tapping her phone. So when Ahmed Mansour received two suspicious email, paid tribute to her forehead.

Ahmed Mansour was agreed to Toronto, Canada to attend a conference. Toronto showed him the two companies related to your smartphone cyber security. Companies, experts assess the e-mail messages, they were the agents of the spy software. Canadian experts have this sophisticated new spy software Pegasus (pegasus) dya.kmpyutr of experts was asked to spy on a smartphone so far. View the latest utaqtur software.

Experts say that as soon as the smartphone a click on an email message, from the Pegasus launch remote server (Server) traveling and enters the fast smartphone runs on the highway network. He took advantage of the errors (Zero Day), computer term smart phone operating system and captured on the system. If he becomes a slave to the master server smartphone.

Each movement of a user's smartphone would reach by Pegasus server owners. Pegasus was in that capacity that he smart phone cameras and audio systems secretly fired and a hint of doctors do not know. Want to save even numbers, and other data copied to the server ptajat own smart phone, so it could be easily via Pegasus....

When they come to Canada Pegasus features computers, they were stunned. So I had the idea that 'Sophisti kytd' software that can view live and in full possession of the smart phone spying. But a private Israeli company specialists were practical idea phnacky underwear.

Ahmed Mansour has advanced smart phone designed by Apple, the iPhone 6 was used by. Pegasus cnanch spy program to search the Apple company researchers reported that a spy software to take advantage of flaws in iPhone OS 6 (Zero Day) is hacked him. It reports to the tumult in Apple. The company's computer experts have removed the errors and the new version of the operating system, iPhone OS 9.3.5 the 'Continue'.

Apple could announce that all users should install version 6 in order to use the iPhone from the Pegasus smartphone spy software. Canadian computer experts say Pegasus software also benefits from the drawbacks of Windows and Android operating systems, however companies Microsoft and Google have far she errors.

Governments to spy on their opponents and enemies through their software, while others also used Softwares developed by Israeli company to spy on adversaries Although NS Group Spy software and services to get everyone because it can deal quite expensive.

Install spy software on target phone fee is five million dollars (Rs million). This is the beginning stage of smart phone spy. The ISO Group offers to spy ten smartphones to pay six million dollars. If anyone tries to spy on more smartphones or the individual has to give more money....

NA NA Group Co., the elite military organization, unit 8200, belonging to computer experts in 2010 had set up six years ago. This is an Israeli spy software manufacturing company. Israeli child has a network of this type of computer companies. It is clear that the Israeli government can eavesdrop on the phone to work in any corner of the world.

In particular, that means anti-Israeli Muslim leaders must use your smartphone to care. It is possible that an agent software into the smartphone Israel or the US to steal valuable information. It would be better for them to keep their plans and ambitions Description computer or smartphone and crafty enemy in the world without knowing it.

The power of science and technology

Then you're not a surprise that the Israeli spy network world to invent sophisticated software. In fact, Israel is surrounded by enemies on all sides called. The Israeli government feels is in the fight for status and alert. To view the clock on enemies they invent innovative ways to Israeli intelligence. In order to fulfill his purpose, he turned to science and technology.

The Israeli government then had to spend a great part of the budget for the development of science 
and technology. This results in the development of the sector came too soon. Israeli experts have not only invented the modern weapons, but many of Israel as scientific and technical innovations from the strong socio-economic bnalya.msal arid region. 

But Israeli experts have created a new system of farming that it has been possible to grow crops and gardens in the sand. Israeli hyn.mahryn stand today and grow your account that has grown due to the enormous importance of science and technology in Israel is crippled zbrdst''saybr between wars, countries in the future. .

The only way of Israel should be a lesson to the rulers. We often spend money to build government buildings and public roads While they spend billions on buying new equipment imported from Europe. It has become Malaysia and Turkey, leaving the rest of the Islamic countries in science and technology education and knowledge earned Hubble jaty.dusry attention given to science and technology expertise having little country, regional superpower Israel. Israel now blatantly killing of Palestinians generally and neighboring countries do not have the guts to take the defense to challenge Israel Palestinians....

'Zero-day' black market

The software is a small or big, developed after a great effort. It should state the mathematical complexities. Software bigger, it is much more complicated. The combination of these intraoperative software in a computer or smart phone, the operating system software engineer hy.saft makes them able to create the software or program utujh carefully the entire breadth wise and often have no 
software error remains. This error in the computer term 'Zero Day' calls.

Software professionals in software companies to spend time with a new software experience and review of the errors so that ukrabyan clear. Errors frequently examined are caught in this process, but sometimes it was not certain class of computer experts to catch the errors detected any errors intraoperative paty.aj software company experts. Look for the many errors made by these experts, while other crimes belong to professional groups. Both types of specialists are called hackers.

The process of finding errors in software revenues for intraoperative is clear. When an error or a hacker to find a zero-day software does make it contacted the company. Usually she bought error by giving money back to the company asked the hacker. The world's major computer companies such as Microsoft to buy Google, Apple, Facebook, errors millions of dollars of software hackers.

This business is able to find a software error in the legal profession when it hy.jraym hacker software is the first look at the nature. If this error may be governments or large criminal groups they deal with them. Who made the highest bid, it will sell the hacker problem. The fog had developed illicit and illegal black market and alias Today called Zero days in the government are attacking a computer system, such as a dangerous Israeli and American governments' stakes, Internet, virus together.

The virus had damaged several nuclear fyugl machines enriched uranium in Iran. Stakes network viruses taking advantage of a flaw in sanitary fyugl machines running the software was successful. Computer experts say that Israel and the United States had purchased the German company, million-dollar black market CDs with the software developed by Simmons zero error.

Zero Software nature of black market CDs may sound naive error or errors by uahmyt. If a company makes computer error, such as Microsoft or Apple software found in this price no problem getting to hackers overnight millionaires in the intraoperative hy.saft reach millions. But experts find no error of today strive to find success in the conciliation useful software computers intraoperative time he seems to play soon millions of dollars.


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