Now through modern technology, Eleictric will made by walking daily life


Now through modern technology, Eleictric will made by walking daily life

New York resident is now walking on foot from several countries including the US are also helpful in making power is being used to light the lights on a nearby pole.

It has developed a new company and we are tentatively put a pad-like tiles on a sidewalk which will have to step down and make a small amount of pressure on the principle of electric power (Piezo Electric). 

Such is the power that keeps the lives of hundreds of people reach the nearby towers and dishes are stored in a battery. Bulb burning sun rise and sunset are closed automatically after sun goes down.

The company has given the technology of the 'aynguplanyt. Also set up solar cell, light energy from sunlight, which in the case of low traffic can continue to accumulate in the system. It is being charging facility and Wi-Fi hot spot and are available in all facilities free.

An environmentally friendly technology:
It is estimated that the worldwide spread light more than 30 million street that enters the annual 10 million tonnes in the manufacture of which requires $ 40 billion (40 billion Pakistani rupees) carbon dioxide atmosphere to light which is causing heat damage to the global environment.

The pillars of the company and does not work and this new technology to the bulb sockets and lights can be converted into WiFi, the charging and other services in one place. If we put this system in the world that will surprise advantage on a global scale.

These systems are now being deployed in the Middle East Oman kymlk.


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