Now possible to earn income on Facebook


Now possible to earn income on Facebook

Facebook users will still earn money from the world's most popular social networking site, the videos for which you have to post.

The technology comes in a report by the site recycling code.

Facebook reported revenue through acquisition has now implemented the strategy of waiting several publishers had long been streaming the videos.

This strategy will show ads on videos on Facebook and part of their income is split between the publisher and Facebook.

This will be followed by at least two seconds between one and a half minute long video advertising.

Now this will be the major pages of Facebook ads will broadcast the videos in Facebook and be a part of the normal users of videos.

However, all users can be expected to apply this policy in the future.

A goal of this policy is that Facebook also encourage you to post more videos on this site within the exclusive brands, such as videos that can get people's attention.

This format book is going to test your live videos and prove more useful in this opinion.

If Facebook users were exposed to either earn the opportunity to be the first social media platform, introducing a revenue sharing program for consumers in 2007 by YouTube before.

However, Facebook is becoming the dominant platform offensive thinking in terms of real-time sharing and in this regard have been possible measures to encourage more users posts.


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