Now pakistani will earn money in youtube...


Now pakistani will earn money in youtube...

Karachi: The original videos to Pakistan creators will earn money by offering your videos on Google's video sharing site YouTube.

That Google announced it had included Pakistan in its' YouTube munytayzysn program, which will now kmaskyn money put in the original YouTube videos, but it is necessary that the Google AdSense account with them from exist.

YouTube mutytayzysn participation currently is limited to a few select countries and Pakistan this program is a huge success. Google's YouTube formal launch ceremony of Pakistan is expected very soon and this announcement is a case in point.

If you have a Google AdSense account and follow these steps if you want to munytayz your YouTube channel.

1. U of L to reach out to your YouTube channel R log in.

2. Click on a button Enable Monetization there.

3. The conditions to approve the option 'OK' to continue using and

4. Also, by linking YouTube to your AdSense account.

The ban pirated videos and copyright has been key to Google AdSense and other programs. If it is any individual or institution stolen videos on YouTube not only she has deleted videos but this one is the block AdSense account. AdSense account is exactly the policy for using AdSense to other websites which are divided in 3 categories (categories).

He is banned websites which are 'clean' are the copyright laws and publish their original content. Adsense ads on their websites are displayed.

I suspect the websites that published stolen material, and they must show AdSense ads on them under supervision, but are not compensation.

The websites which certainly publishes pirated material and violating copyright is blocked connected AdSense account with them. And neither seems to have AdSense ads on them and they are paid for ads shown before.

YouTube earn programs are the same view of all points.

He said that despite all the announcements Google has so far Urdu language is not included in the official languages ​​of the AdSense program, but not only carry advertisements from several Pakistani institutions under their AdWords program in the past few years, but AdSense of these ads is also showing in English and Urdu on various websites.


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