Now the cycle will not be flat!...


Now the cycle will not be flat!...

Tend to ride bicycles in Pakistan is very low, but the number of people in developing countries still use the bike to handle daily affairs. There are countless people rely on the same ride to the office.

In addition, health experts call it a great physical exercise to stay active and functional. Bicycle riding is undoubtedly a useful and health is satisfactory, but it is a breeze when you go to face it and do not have a flat tire puncture detection equipment, and no puncture shop nearby. But cyclists get rid of the problem once punctured tire.

A US company will not enter a nail in the tire made nor will be no cut in. Located in Utah company called Nexia prepared tire of this type. These types have been named Nexia and Avery tires. The cost per tire size sixteen dollars has been allocated to three hundred dollars. This tire is currently being recovered in the US But the company also plans to export next year.

Do not puncture the tires were introduced for the first time. The tires in the past have been offered for sale, but they were not widely used by. Because it was solid tire without tube. They did not shock or shock-absorbing ability. The wheel pit seemed huge shock to come riding etc. and the risk of falling while riding. These tires can not be accepted because of this error, but prepared tire of Nexia is free from error.

Tires can reduce the severity of shocks that have been designed that way. This tire is called nyksl which is made from polymer specific type and creation of the company's experts. There were holes in the tires due to which it has the ability to absorb shocks to endure the severity and discomfort from riding. Evergreen tires aged five thousand miles. In comparison, the hole will be made to respond to a hundred thousand miles Nexia tires. Nexia quality of tires is that they can be overlaid on the rim of the wheel.


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