Nokia's new smartphone announced soon bring


Nokia's new smartphone announced soon bring

Known company Nokia has announced the date to long after the introduction of its new smartphone.

The art company from New Zealand that it will offer its smartphone sales next year and will once again become part of the mobile phone market.

Nokia had sold its mobile phone business to Microsoft in 2014 which was authorized to sell the Lumia brand zyrtht devices.But Microsoft has now distance itself from the smartphone sector, Nokia has started preparing for the return.

Is likely to be Nokia's new smartphone during the second quarter of next year and also some rumors that the device may be introduced during the Mobile World Congress in February 2017.

Nokia have just been released just a phone call away confirms that aqgly years and now he is coming back into the field of smart phones.

Nokia had claimed a few months ago Finland's contribution to a company H MD which he will be responsible for manufacturing the new smartphones.

There are details of the new features of the Nokia phone, but chances are that they will contain the Android operating system.

That was before the Windows operating system in all Nokia smartphones, the new phone Android operating system may be able to attract consumers in the form of Nokia come up with.


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