Nokia's first Android smartphone is expected next month...


Nokia's first Android smartphone is expected next month...

Once a company is going to rule the mobile phone market, Nokia introduced its first smartphone next month after a long time.

Microsoft after selling its mobile phone business Nokia was taken away from the market, but last year he once again mobile phones HDMI declared under the banner Global.

The first smartphone will be introduced next month at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona schedule.

This new smartphone based on Google's Android system and thus will terminate the use of Nokia's Windows operating system.

Nokia may D1c the potential of the smartphone introduced in February that would be two versions of a budget friendly device.

Abi says something about the price is hard to estimate but lgayajarhahy ensure that it costs 150 to 200 dollars (15 to 21 per thousand).

Similarly, while a version of Three GB RAM and 5.5-inch full HD display is the second version with 2 GB of RAM and 5-inch full HD screen.

It is also expected to introduce several years later, Nokia's first smartphone to be followed by 4 to 5 more devices in 2017 by the company.

Earlier Nokia could maintain a normal phone was introduced 150 which cost 26 dollars, while the battery 22 hours of his life on standby and can last up to 31 days at the beginning of December .

This call is being offered for sale in January.


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