Nokia plans to release more smartphones


Nokia plans to release more smartphones

WASHINGTON introduce middle price of mobile phones after my ayndruyyd phones offer smartphone world after the famous Nokia to offer mobile phone in the long absence is a message of the foothold that return announced.

The first phone HM Global D will release and has been named Nokia 6. The Nokia 2014 company Microsoft bought the rights to the brand and the Nokia Windows Phone releases were made.

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According to a website to analyze the mobile phones of Nokia company this year from 6 to 7 new smartphone will rylyzkry ayndruyyd. Nokia and Microsoft distribution company AV O x is of a presentation of the Kyoto shown 6 of 7 models from 2017 and will be ayndruyyd smartphones middle price but high quality Malaysia's website .

The MD-H has confirmed that it will be nugat seventh version of the Google operating system. Analysis of the cars will be able to add a wide world of third-party software ayndruyd Nokia phone to your phone that could focus on customers. The new phone is also modernizing its hardyyr ayndruyd Smartphone 4 GB RAM, 64 GB storage circuit, 16 MP camera, 3 thousand mAh battery is installed. SDM for additional memory card slot is also present.

According to technology experts such as Nokia wants a foothold in the middle market. This is a phone that's not too expensive nor too cheap and the most modern facilities than their contemporaries phones. The price is estimated to about 25 thousand while the board has been Snapdragon 430 system. It will hear sound from Dolby sound processing aytmus while the phone is closed aluminum case.


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