New fees introduced on


New fees introduced on

After two years of trial, the last book of matches has introduced the official version that the social networking site that has more than one billion people use every day.

The Facebook people working in the office at work will take a fee to be able to use Facebook as a network of institutions.

Facebook use at work as per the company will take one to three dollars and expect that it will soon be the source of billions of dollars in revenue for this.

All features such as news feeds, and photos to Facebook soon, but the color blue rather than white, and the most important thing is that the boss even clerical work to take care of you during his time on the part of you will understand.

Facebook is testing in a few large corporations the world over the past few months, it'll be available in the mobile application and desktop urrn.

Facebook says that "Facebook at Work Office work through 'feature will allow more effectively, employees of Facebook are using it for a long time, but now it is being introduced across the globe.

Utilities and spend time on Facebook in the office were indeed contradictory words but I think social networking site, it will be much more successful feature offices and employees will not have to hide your Facebook window again.

The websites will make your staff to use the new accounts will have separate companies for this platform.

However, users will be able to choose the link to gather your personal and work accounts.


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