Nearly 50 percent of the world online


Nearly 50 percent of the world online

New York: half of this year the government will use the Internet to mobile or computer.

It was through a subsidiary the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) report revealed, according to which around the end of 2016, half of mobile phones in the United States will be using the Internet, because mobile networks better prices are already low.

80 percent to 40 percent of the time when developing countries according to the company's estimates in developed countries around the world have been using the Internet, but also the population, 15% of underdeveloped countries doctors benefit from this facility .

International organizations, according to one person in every 10 in most countries of continental Africa Internet connection is available, most elderly age women lose Internet in Africa, educated and living in rural areas.

ITU reported that 47 percent of the population is using the Internet on mobile phones worldwide, the company has set a target of taking 60% of the proportion of the online population by 2020.

United States subsidiaries expect that by the year 2016 will be using the Internet by the end of the 3 billion 50 million mobile phones, compared to almost half the world's population

This year saw the fastest Internet technology in many countries around the world, 3 g and 4 g of the increasing use of the Internet, and many others online using the Internet on mobile phones.

ITU reported in many countries around the world has reached the Internet, the developed countries in the service is poor, as there is internet facility available at the time it was available in 1998 in developed countries .

Considering the growing trend of slow delivery of Internet and Internet usage around the world 2 months ago video leading website YouTube was introduced to the new app, YouTube, though, YouTube countries or regions through this app. it is possible to see easily YouTube videos, where internet speeds are slow.

It was the first of September the famous social website in 2014, Facebook announced the Internet supply project through solar drones in remote countries and regions of the world, Android to improve Internet speed Google September 2015 Chrome browser for mobile users had introduced a new feature data saver.


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