must use the https protocol, Google will change the Internet...


must use the https protocol, Google will change the Internet...

Secure https connection in recent years (which use SSL or better shape, TLS Protocol), or words of other web sites has increased rapidly. These include many business sites, including entertainment and education, science and technology, the online magazine.

E-commerce and essential reasons protocol to secure the payments in respect of websites. Recently, Google announced that its Chrome browser will start label of 'vulnerable' on websites that do not use protocols from January 2017.

Google calls coming from https in order to improve security. The recent announcement is part of plans to improve online security. Web sites https is Google alone to 'force' the protocols used (Mozilla also has the same kind of policy in relation to its Firefox) but it is the first company that has set the date of application of this policy.

Being the largest search engines will have a broader impact of the announcement of Google. The question is that Google and other search engines because they do it? 

In fact became very important https protocol based on several factors. Brief description of the reasons being the following lines:

Confirmations (Authentication): creates a secure tunnel (encrypted tunnel) between the client computer's browser at https protocol sessions and website. Computer and safe traffic to pass through the 'tunnel' between sites.

 If anyone tries to interfere with traffic huh secure tunnel would show him where the counterfeit version of the site. The possibility of cyber attacks are extremely limited.

Data security: https protocol means that computer use and number of travel data, including passwords and credit card on the website, encrypted (rmzbnd). Encryption (rmzbndy) because it is extremely difficult to access the data sent to hackers.

PCI DSS standard student card is also the fact that the processor card data sent via SSL or TLS encrypted connections. The https is the standard for e-commerce websites for many years.
Prawysy: This issue was highlighted during the last few years. 

https protocol monitoring provides a measure of protection. Partly because it is easy to know what site the user has to do is visit, visit the Web site's sections, it is very difficult to find.


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