Micro-processor computer memory


Micro-processor computer memory

Singapore: A day to make the computer more powerful will be no need to remove the new microprocessor, but it will be possible to increase only memory (RAM).

The TU Singapore and some in the new category of 're-RAM' '(ReRAM) design of an international team of engineers from different European institutions have discovered a unique way to use the microprocessor of the computer RAM has been changed.

Research Journal 'Nature made some changes in scientific reports' reset RAM, and is published according to the specification data of binary system RAM (two possible scenarios temporarily stored under) Design thanks to whom the data may be stored in kuartnry system (four possible states).

The change during the experiments' in two possible states of the Republic of RAM, the binary data stored in the remaining two cases were processing work.

In simple words it can be said that this prototype at the same time re-RAM RAM and microprocessor, do the work.

Experts say the amended Republic of RAM will have very minor changes to existing technology to develop large scale and not spend too much money on it. It can be expected that soon will come to the desktop and laptop computers in addition to smartphones surface that will be going all processing in spite of its Low weight faster and be stronger because their memory .

Just the same, but a whole new generation of new, re-RAM, causing electrical short and more talented will come into existence.

It is estimated that initially try the same technique on a USB storage device will be manufactured that would not only save data while connected to my PC, but will increase as additional computer speed.


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