Metal grilles toes to climb up the robot...


Metal grilles toes to climb up the robot...

Philadelphia is a US company called Ghost Robotics has developed a quadruped robot that can resemble that of his dog and climbed grille with metal claw.

4-legged robots are nothing new in today but the highlight of this robot is its price, which will be 1500 USD or even less. It 'Ghost mnytar' '(Ghost Minitaur) has been named. 

In experimental models have been developed and shortly after which it will start production at the beginning it will take to be sold online.

It has more features than the expensive military robots today. For example, it can jump up the stairs but the climb is possible along with the grille and can cross the barriers high, the nature of his stature. 

The low cost and following the formula of the ghost companion robotics experts' direct drive motors, which are used simultaneously to help him walk, climb and jump grille.

The door is open. The goal will be difficult to not only entertain, but it could also work in relief in places where drones would be impossible to get access to land due to difficult routes.


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