Mercedes introduces new luxury car


Mercedes introduces new luxury car.

Leading German company Mercedes, which has introduced its luxury wine almost made people crazy over you.

Indeed, the German car maker has produced over 300 models of mobile vehicles that I convert almost second car munkyr series.

It was introduced earlier this year introduced the Mercedes S600 precious wine.

This limited edition wine is approximately 650 million four-seat, drop-top convertible mini car that will be on sale in spring next year.

But the price is going to blow that up to 3 million 21 thousand dollars (nearly half a million Pakistani rupees) but its beauty is captivating once.

This car is 630 horsepower V-12 engine that has the power and speed of only 4.1 seconds and can be looked at a speed of 155 miles per hour and can reach 62 mph.

The wheels are 20 inches in the car to be seen from the excellent road grip and remove it look like a boat.

Urcuyyl instrument driver in the car and there is a touch screen display, while the car will be available to customers in red, white and blue.

And the vehicle that affect people around the world have been looking to the buyers so the Company is currently being sold in pre-order.


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