Likely to return via Nokia's Smart Watch...


Likely to return via Nokia's Smart Watch...

Nokia is the mobile phone number of the company that was becoming less popular since the advent of the devices sold worldwide including Pakistan, which smartphones but also those who like it very much.

If you feel that the company plans to introduce its Smart Watch Finland before any new smartphone like the Nokia devices.

Nokia was working on a smart watch Moon Wrecker with the Lumia 930 which was introduced in 2014 but Microsoft bought Nokia's phone business, then Finland company canceled plans to Smart Watch.

But now comes a new video released Smart Watch and think that it can be offered for sale soon.

In the leaked video on YouTube shows some of the features of the Smart Watch the sweep interface, also equipped with buttons and watch Apple Watch and Android software devices as long prysz technology to move the app interface and default watch face Is.

Support Email from Nokia, calendar, messaging, notifications and plans to make part of the device other core apps have been categorized.

Note that Microsoft, Nokia 2014 and Nokia business phones purchased the rights to the brand and met Nokia's plants, brands, patents and phone for ten years.

Microsoft Lumia smartphones were given to them out of Nokia Windows Phone, but it was successfully sold to a company's business FIH Mobile was not.


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