LG's new flagship phone would prove unusual?...


LG's new flagship phone would prove unusual?...

If you like the LG smartphones good news did not come to any other device to which it will have its new flagship phone, the screen today.

Six of the LG G flagship phone will be introduced on February 26, a day before the scheduled start of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

LG has announced that it will be a smartphone 5.7-inch LCD 18: 9 ratio and Q ayspykt with an HD Plus screen resolution of 2880x1440 it.

This may sound like common border or edge, but it would be negligible and 5.7-inch screen will look the same as I feel a 5-inch smartphone.

According to LG, we want to provide our customers experience from other smartphone display that is thinner and lighter than before.

LG said currently about more features.

However, it may be the LG G-Six 2 screens according to various reports, this is the feature that the company presented in the V and V Tan Sri smartphones.

Likewise snap dragonflies six GB RAM and 835 processors will be the phone, but this time it's not like I mudyulr five.


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