LG 'wallpaper' television


LG 'wallpaper' television

Leading the company introduced LG introduced a TV that can be put on the wall like wallpaper.

The LG Ultra Slim and LED TV, the television of the thickness of the 65-inch screen is only 2.57 mm which can be hung on the wall by the magnet, so it looks like we have a window to another world what we are witnessing.

It has the same name as the TV wallpaper, however, were not brought before the sale date or details about the price....

The Wi-Fi and a cable in which there are four HDMI knktrz while all were connected.

The T H 4k video and DVD-R technology exist.

This smartphone is the Web OS 3.5 operating system for TV and 25% higher than the luminous screen LG TV last year.

LG to create a center of attention with TV concept introduced during the CES exhibition in Las Vegas TV which was transparent like glass.

LG's unique TV services can be seen across the public broadcasting as well as will be seen on the screen.

I see it is supposed to be a magic mirror if it works but when people like a window.


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