Khaksany discovered the biggest black hole at the center...


Khksany discovered the biggest black hole at the center...

Drham University of New Hampshire astronomers have discovered a dangerous wandering black hole with a mass millions of times greater than our sun and drastically while consuming gas clouds and stars coming your way is being progressed.

It poses no threat to Earth or our solar system because the black hole is at a distance of 4.5 billion light years from us. There are also a large black holes in our galaxy's center of mass of which is already known to 40 million times greater than our sun. 

The first time it was discovered when the sun millions of times the mass of the black hole out of the center khksany.
The world's biggest stars:

Black Hole became the stars of the initial mass is 5 times greater than our sun. Bulky (Massive) black hole they are larger and have a mass 100 million times that of our sun.

So far we know that the bulk and superhuman black mass, both types of holes can be found in the center of a galaxy. For them, active nucleus khksany '' (Active Galactic Nuclei) is called. This possibility can be found. Khksany the center of a black hole is so much mass as independents was almost negligible. But XJ1417 + 52 is shown in clear violation of the general concept.

It is important to point out that black holes are planted directly can not be seen directly, but even during that radiates severe ayksryz based on detection of a black hole if they consume a cloud of stars, gas.

University of New Hampshire scientists team two separate X-ray telescopes and NASA, Chandra, and the European Space Agency, Newton, a remote galaxy DSS J141711.07 + 522540.8, using data obtained from he reviewed the upcoming ayksryz is, they discovered that a black hole of the galaxy's edge is higher than the mass of the sun is moving was consumed every cloud all the stars and gas and dust that come your way.

There was a big black hole that should be in principle khksany center, he is not wandering the galaxy's edge? The final answer is not currently have any. One hypothesis is that perhaps it is the remnants of an ancient galaxy which are separated from other stars. 

However, if I had discovered over the years the number of wandering eyes of massive black holes, and then of course we will have to change their prevailing theories about the existence of galaxies.


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