JF-17 Thunder developed sophisticated radar to...


JF-17 Thunder developed sophisticated 

radar to...

Beijing: China's Nanjing Research Institute of Electronics Technology (NRIET) recently held 'xuhayy Air Show, the event has a modern radar which party it is being said about the F-17 Thunder is designed to be installed in block 3 '.

KLJ-7A radar, called it 'the ESA' '(AESA) radars type used in modern fighter aircraft, which belongs to. Xuhayy air show at the radar which features according to the true identity of the target while reviewing them, identified several targets at a time and the ability to target and goals (synthetic aperture radar, moving on including support) are identified.

The KLJ-in 7A Available more details but security experts say hundreds of small radar is fitted together and identify and (simultaneously 15 targets to track up to 170 km them) has the ability to hit 4.
The ESA, like other radars KLJ-7A is not only able to jam enemy radar systems, but can also thwart efforts to jam the enemy radar....

The JF-17 Thunder block 1 and block 2, respectively, and KLJ-7 radar KLJ-7V2 The ESA installed. KLJ-7A, but given the size and structure, experts have been designed for installation in the belief that it especially JF-17 Thunder 'Block 3'.

Defence analysts opinion, KLJ-7 and KLJ-up 7V2 range from imitation to the KLJ-7A similarity ends here, both because it is different than practice and very modern. JF-17 Thunder 'Block 3' in the radar installation has special significance because it helped it to achieve a dominant position in the most advanced, multi-line fighter aircraft to the fourth generation.

KLJ-7A Despite the complexity of the design will have high performance and reasonable price, which will also help keep the cost of JF-17 Thunder program. In addition, Pakistan ayyrunatykl Complex '' (PAC) from ayuyanks Division was founded in Kamra has been fixed many phases of development so far, so that the possibility can not be ignored KLJ-7A manufacture of radar too Pakistani experts have been involved, and JF-17 Thunder 'block 3' as well as its technology radar to even be available to Pakistan.


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