It will not feel the needle piercing the skin...


It will not feel the needle piercing the skin...

SEOUL: Experts have developed a needle for injection that fills the hole in the skin.

According to experts, inspired by the natural ingredients found in oysters (File) The needle is made. The clam is found in oysters linked to oysters with a sticky mucous. 

This invention is effective for patients whose bodies do not stop the blood flowing. In addition, hemophilia, diabetes and final stages of cancer patients are also causing problems in the complex are some tips from the needle or the putting kynulh.

The plastic surgery Egyptians sometimes difficult to stop the bleed. It has developed the 'Korean Institute of Technology, specialists in South Korea.

When it has been tested on animals healthy and hemophilia, he immediately filled the needle wound. Thus it is connected to the wound like a sticker and a hole stops. It also helps prevent infection.


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