Is Facebook developing its own smartphone?


Is Facebook developing its own smartphone?

Google's Project Ara modular phone rafa mislead, Richard Rand Brit Oval dryj and bless the equation and after finishing this project has now become part of the new building of the three intelligence division book 8.

There are also people working at Motorola, Tesla, with Apple and Amazon.

So the question is, are the designers, engineers and manufacturers worked through together? No one can say for sure out of this division, but it can be assumed that they are working to make Facebook's first smartphone that will be modular as possible.

Facebook's hardware products (phone, computer or Mark Zuckerberg's company because it is very important to keep the division for any device) is trying to create the first hardware.

Facebook is currently working on the preparation of the 360 ​​number of new technologies including video cameras are fixed on her way to reaching the hands of consumers as soon as possible.

Mark Zuckerberg will be working on virtual reality, artificial intelligence and other things that had hinted in a blog in April 2016, Building 8.

But there are those who choose to do this, as they are quite different skills of smartphones.

Leading technology website Facebook then reviewed a number of people being recruited by it was clear that Facebook receives those services Preparation of design, to offer new ideas, hardware delivery and sale I specialize.

So it seems that Facebook has been busy working on her smartphone announced HTC smartphone share in 2013 failed plan because they do not want.

That division mostly former employees of Apple, however, when Facebook announced that he would not be said to be clear about this phone was developed but it is something.

It seems that Facebook your opponent app is running in the footsteps of snap chat a few months ago was just a social app, but it has now got himself admitted to the camera company and recently the smart glasses aspyktklz in were amazed by.


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