Introducing the world's fastest passenger plane


Introducing the world's fastest passenger plane

If it is determined in a plane approximately 7 hours to travel to New York from London that great progress because it can take several weeks but months to cover the journey from ships.

But imagine a plane that nearly three thousand miles of the journey becomes fixed in a half hour?

Yes the Super Scenic aircraft will be capable of fixing its conduct has been such a long journey that will be possible in the very long journey from Karachi to London in three hours.

The aircraft has been named the company boom has produced a boom on the jet and it has been declared the world's fastest civil ayyrkraft.

The aircraft's first test flight next year and will claim that the trip from London to New York will be able to decide in three hours.

Protocol type model of the plane was introduced in the United States Denver XB-1, whose technical name is kept.

The company was the boom for our company to provide faster travel to Virginia galatyk people to work with the current boom Richard Branson.

The aircraft up to 1451 miles per hour speed limit that Concord hundred miles per hour.

The aircraft will be General Electric aircraft engines, while the other parts will be made up of leading companies.


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