Introducing One plus 3T to beat iPhone


Introducing One plus 3T to beat iPhone

One Plus is the leading company introduced its new flagship phone is one plus three T and declared it the iPhone killer.

The interesting thing is that one plus three phone company was introduced and it's not even six months, but has now been eliminated by the new device.

The design and the volume is the same as the previous model, the fastest processor, a bigger battery and better front camera features of this.

This phone will be on sale in two colors including gold and the other is a soft dark gray, while the 64 GB and 128 GB memory option.

This price is much less than the iPhone, the phone is 64 GB memory and 128 GB is 479 dollars and 439 dollars.

Call six GB RAM, 5.5-inch screen amulyd, extremely fast Qualcomm Snap dragonflies 3400 M 821 processor and a H battery charge that would be able to walk the whole day in half an hour.

Rear and front of the camera, the 16 mega pixels that allow us to take the best pictures in low light.

Experts called it one of the best phones of 2016 and the company says it is 5% cheaper phones to devices such nice features.

This phone will be presented next week to the US and sold in different countries of the world by the end of November.


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