Introduces three times faster than WiFi technology...


Introduces three times faster than WiFi technology...

Wi-Fi internet speeds are tired? If so, that would solve the problem within a few months.

Yes Wi gyg a super-fast wireless technology is being introduced next year for laptops and smartphones.

From Intel and Qualcomm, such institutions are supporting this technology and it is regarded as 802.11ad standard.

This technology Internet speed will be 8 Gbps at 60 GHz simple words, while the Wi-Fi technology is generally not provide much faster internet 2.4 to 5 GHz failure, the technology is three times faster than current Wi-Fi .

Wi regarding Wi-Fi Alliance gyg the number of devices that use this technology in 2020 launched a certification program on Monday and said it will far exceed one billion.

It's very high speed data transfer technology that laptops would be only downloaded in two seconds 2G will help you to download B-Movie file While smartphones large file 7 seconds.

Wi-Fi Alliance says it will use the new technology to "low density" 60 GHz spectrum that help increase speed.

However, this technology is very short distances and can operate at a range of ten meters, ie if you want to use it they can use inside a room.

This technology will be used 802.11ad wireless standard devices that are now also being offered for sale in the market compared to the sales of routers.


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