Introduced the live video feature in Instagram.


Introduced the live video feature in Instagram.

Instagram has introduced Snap Chat inspired missing images and live video through the Facebook features.

The missing pictures that could be used to direct the live video Instagram Instagram stories.

Live not far snap video chat feature, but Perry is greater scope and Facebook live video are definitely examples of this.

Through this feature, you will be able to run live video broadcast stories that when you take a photo or video to add to the story, there will also be a live option.

When you start a live video of a live seed would be made up of followers of the story icon.

This comment will appear to float like Facebook, Instagram will be able to see also decided to put the Explorer tab in the live broadcast via live stories of individuals who have not been followed.

Instagram photos or video of the missing features users will begin to see today, however, have to wait for some time for the live video.


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