Introduced the first laptop who has 3 screens.


Introduced the first laptop who has 3 screens.

Laptop If you do not see many would like but it will not be the one with the 3 screens.

Yes, there are three screens with razor which had introduced a pilot multi-monitor gaming laptop from a company called Project Valerie '.

This laptop has been introduced during the Technology Exhibition in Las Vegas was a screen which has a slide down into three screens.

Possibly because it is an absolutely extraordinary laptop before desktop computers but has seen many screens in a laptop.

This laptop weighs 12 pounds and a half inch thick and can be used in the virtual reality headsets.

Could not function right now, this laptop because it is currently in the concept design of stripes and lighting backlit keyboard-to-side monitors.

Similarly, they did not yet revealed any information about the price, but it will not be wrong to say that it would not be enough for ordinary people to buy.

Before the dual-screen laptop that was reported in 2009, and introduced a similar design, but it was the first time that the screen part of a laptop.


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