Internet speeds in Pakistan, even worse than ours Vietnam and Sri Lanka


Internet speeds in Pakistan, even worse than ours Vietnam and Sri Lanka

Aykamayy Technologies (Akamai Technologies) is committed to the Internet world. The US Agency published a list disclosing internet speeds in different countries every year.

The Internet has become a commodity in the modern day. It can perform several functions to help hyn.cnan is easy to operate even if the speed of the Internet. compasseth the second data at a speed of 26.3 megabytes per second voyage to the Internet South Korea show an honor to get gya.yad, the children of this country the best performance across the curriculum.

Average Internet speeds where the second Hong Kong-listed S 20.1 Mbps. The average Internet speed of 18.2 m SINGAPORE third hy.uhan people get bps. Unfortunately dyta.ujh not look far Pakistan's name in this country that is among the last four countries where Internet speed is only 2.0 Mbps or less. More alarmingly, the Internet has seen a reduction in average speed in Pakistan this year.

According to this year saw an increase in the average internet speed in 137 countries. In Indonesia, Libya and Kenya has a doubling in the average speed of the Internet. 2016 declined from an average speed of only ten countries in the world. Including in Pakistan, where the average speed reached only 2.0 Mbps to 2.3 percent. It was 0.7 percent below where Yemen's number with an average speed of 23 percent.

Sadly, many developing countries that are ahead of Pakistan except in the case of Kenya, Indonesia and India. Only Yemen, Syria and Libya are countries where average speeds respectively 0.7, 1.1 and 1.2 Mbps from 6.0 in Pakistan and Sri Lanka at 6.3 Mbps This speed Vietnam S.


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