In an hour new train traveling Karachi to lahore


In an hour new train traveling 

Karachi to lahore

Dubai United Arab Emirates government will set in only 12 minutes journey has expressed interest in the revolutionary and extremely fast, hayprlup train 'from Dubai which to Abu Dhabi and from Karachi to Lahore Travel more than just an hour.

The train leaves the first Arab American inventor Allen imagine we have the music has to offer was presented after which it is being invested millions of dollars in this regard, the trial also train the Dubai government. 

The train will pass through the magnetic mines that have been named pudz and will travel at tremendous speed of 1100 kilometers per hour, while the distance clinging to speed up in the air. Hyper Loop The company also has agreements with the governments of Denmark and Finland for the train.

The company says that next year it will be completed testing the desert in Nevada. The company has a capital of $ 5 million Dubai company DP company which had received an investment of $ 16 million (Rs 16 billion).

Although hayprlup train science is being used to power a reality to fiction, but the company said it will spend billions on the tunnel construction, but saving it is the biggest advantage of the technology, infrastructure and regulatory rules much better construction Required.

More than an hour after the time in Abu Dhabi and Dubai is the only company hayprlup contract holder has the Caliph. The hyper-loop if all goes well the next 5 years will be able to fulfill the dream of hayprlup in Dubai. 

Shaped capsule will sit 6 to 8 people in a vehicle that will be part of a transport tube so that they could travel through the main pressure hovered in the air. Thus it will be able to travel at tremendous speed of 1100 km ride. The station will be made between the Abu Dhabi to Dubai.


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