Important announcement for users in Note 7...


Important announcement for users in Note 7...

Samsung has announced that they can get to the Galaxy Note users, Samsung 7 in Pakistan amount to the store or exchange replacement phone.

Note seam coming because of technical problems suffered severe damage throughout the world, Samsung and batteries exploding and catching fire due to the company's problems have to call back to your phone from all over the world.

Samsung has announced the launch of Note 7 in Pakistan but did not return the money to its smartphone customers who order from abroad or replacement phone.

The company's customers to request users to get rid of it by up to 7 backups of your data and notes can follow these alternative methods.

Full refund
By showing the amount of evidence that consumers buy the Galaxy Note 7 can get back the full amount.

If the user does not have proof of purchase in the event that the amount of $ 817 will be paid.

Take Note 7 for the S7 Edge
Note 7 users is also offering another smart phone can also exchange your smartphone and Samsung users to return cash Edge and S7 10 ruhy.

The company supplies retailers refer to note 7 of the Advance reservation that customers return the money.

The biggest manufacturer of smartphones in the Samsung charging the battery to explode and the number of users to 25 million Note 7 phone after damage complaints offered for sale in ten markets across the world. were brought back.

South Korean company Samsung has stopped after the events in phone sales or exchanges worldwide.

The innovation and quality loss from these events unique Samsung's reputation, the company will hold this time even bigger blow on the fire to be made, such as reports note 7 alternative that would normally When are.


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