If the smartphone is too hot to do?


If the smartphone is too hot to do?

Samsung Galaxy Note is currently facing difficulties due to the 7 devices with batteries to explode, but it can be any phone.

What to do if they get too warm if your smartphone, like smoke or fire?

A US-famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have.

Research shows that if your smartphone over heat or too much heat will be charged if he was immediately removed from the pin socket.

He said the device to be stopped at an early stage of the hottest save it to the final stage it is very difficult to save explode.

Similarly, if you use the phone out of the fire before charging into a fire blanket, rather than water to quench or do not dress that catches fire quickly.

Similarly, if the case should go for assistance if you feel out of hand.

If you have a good idea therefore is that the Galaxy Note 7 reports of battery problems are emerging that the note be replaced by a seam to change the phone because Samsung.

If you choose another model is better.


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