I would like to take the motorcycle of the future?


I would like to take the motorcycle of the future?

BMW leading the company after several concept cars at its 100 th anniversary filed the future, now that the bike will be equipped with smart technology so that you will not need helmets.

It will highlight the motorcycle to maintain balance in the system that will keep the right to travel, whether it was or was not traveling bike.

In simple terms, the risk of falling under any circumstances.

It has been named BMW motor rod and the design is quite out of the ordinary motorcycles while the company claims that it is capable of running on all kinds of roads.

Since it will have to move the bike for the motorcycle so the joints do not bend the handle while the active assistance systems are fixed or that it will continue to strengthen in the run.

The engine is also unique, it still seems so big bike, but after watching the road seems to reduce the volume of the engine moving.

Equipped with modern technology with this bike will be given glasses that will provide information before the eyes of those running around.

Now this bike is a concept and it will be obvious that saw him running down the street.


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