Human emotions known to through Wireless Invention...


Human emotions known to through Wireless Invention...

Boston: American scientists have invented touch is an interesting tool to measure the extent of a person's expressions and emotions through wireless technology.

Massachusetts Institute of Computer Science and Artificial reveal that 3 scientists' e Q Radio, called a system of facial expressions Note the 87% accuracy of the intelligence that is serious or sad, happy or sad. 

This tool can tell heartbeat and breathing speed Note the excitement, anger and other emotions, and they do not need to synysr electrode or in any part of the body ie without any physical sensors.

Give professor at MIT have developed two students book that can be used in monitoring health, industry and entertainment industry. 

The book I was born in Damascus, Syria and now a professor at MIT's wireless technology.

According to the human eye is always able to read the other's feelings and impressions. These students mngmn xyaw Idlib and grace in their monitoring system will help ensure that a note of depression, anxiety and panic via a wireless future.

I know how sick people and the elderly in homes that technology can play a key role. E CUE radio heartbeat is so well known that I have learned from ECG.

E because a person's radio sends radio waves that bounce back into him like radar and evaluates are the heartbeat and breathing speed, and an algorithm to interpret. The machine can note a person's feelings than 70 to 80 percent accuracy.


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