How Facebook status posted in large font?


How Facebook status posted in large font?

Facebook has quietly introduced a new feature that you see and may not be, but it will be understood that in the end it ksyy.

This is your status that has confused consumers around the world to feature available in big words, because there are often several times larger vocabulary and small appearance.

In fact, if this method is very convenient if you want to write status of big words.

And is that your status is less than 35 words to highlight posts from the book, which comes in large and bold font.

But their location to multimedia such as photos or tagging the post with the words that he left short.

Thus it can be said that if you have any photos or tagged with location if you want to keep the status as before.

This feature did not like too many people who are against it.

They say that the stress of running a new change looks more like the old Facebook status.


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