"Hot water is quick made up of ice....


"Hot water is quick made up of ice....

To expect when converted to ice cold water is natural but some scientists contrast the idea and say that in some cases, hot water more quickly to changes in the ice cold water.

Scientific journal, the hot water is produced ampmba in water that according to a report published in Science News that the idea of ​​a team of chemists can freeze more quickly.

While some researchers say it does not exist any effect.

So if you see a reference to the hot water frozen history that had given him the champion of Greece philosopher Aristotle who claimed he saw more cold water, hot water quickly settled.

In the 1960s, a student of Tanzania, whose name was ayrstu ampmba, he claimed that if placed in the freezer for ice cream in the hot condition they are more quickly gym.

The reason that scientists consider other impurities in several specifications and vapor effects, faster access, unresolved gas and water to prove this condition.

However, any description of them have not been fully recognized.

December 6 in a report published in a scientific journal, scientists can stand behind quickly adopted clot hot water being driven factors such as the link between the hydrogen bonds, mainly hydrogen and oxygen.

Dallas Southern Methodist University daytr Kramer and his colleagues studied the strength of hydrogen bonds mulykyulz water and they say, 'We have seen a change in hydrogen bonds when the water is warm '.

That why cold review found that the weak and strong hydrogen bonds found high concentrations of strong hydrogen bonds in water while they were there that were broken due to weak bonds with water warm Kramer said. .

Kramer and his colleagues could explain saw that hydrogen bonds, ampmba effect are those who turn a weaker bonds in water are already broken and group mulykyulz start the piece changed in the snow together can and begins the process of being frozen.

While there is a weak hydrogen bonds break first in cold water and then begins to freeze and potentially That matches the hot water more quickly.

Although still early in ice cold water causes the differences that exist among scientists as to whether or hot water is because it ampmba effect, or is there some other reason.


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