Honda's first electric car ride sharing concept...


Honda's first electric car ride sharing concept...

Honda is the leading company introduced its first electric concept car ride-sharing nine TV.

This car has automatic driving ability, which was presented during the biggest technology exhibition in the world in Las Vegas.

While it also helps Honda Auto animated Net Network Assistant, which has been driving experience that feeling and mood system driver is informed accordingly and gives different advice or other similar songs.

Two seats of the car passengers have been programmed for the pick and drop, it was particularly comfortable from the time when the owner of the car, so it rides can be a source of income for their owners.

Honda says a highlight of this is that despite the charge from electricity bills do not let it grow.

The system is intelligent to do it when it is charged to monitor the electricity rates that will cost less.

Similarly, the vehicle may store excess electricity sold to the power company, which is also possible, however, did not give any details about how to do this.

In fact, the company says the car has a power market can trade.

The car's design is unique and the door may be possible for people to sit in the place of narrow rise above 90 degree angles, which.

It is a concept car and is currently not planning to production or sale of the company.

But say this is a glimpse of the people might be used to evaluate how artificial and other technologies in the company car of the future.


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