Honda's astonishing motorcycle...


Honda's astonishing motorcycle...

It is much easier to direct a motorcycle at high speed, but when you can become a difficult task that is running to keep his balance if you stop somewhere or lighter.

Honda is the leading company in its solution to maintain your own balance, which is presented in the form of his new bike capacity.

Honda has used the new riding Assist technology for the purpose of helping to stand their ground to prevent the motorcycle does not have to stand.

In other words whether it would stand upright in the motorcycle itself is not a person riding on it....

Honda's motorcycle used in electronic astyyr By Wire system for the purpose of moving speed is less than three miles per hour and takes control of the wheel.

This is not to move it to recognize the angle of the motorcycle wheels and stays in place.

According to the company, this motorcycle is equipped with the latest technology that helps in finding a parking space with the protection of operators.

Now it will be offered for sale is not clear how long this bike because Honda did not talk about it.


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