Honda 'low cost' aircraft been established 2 records


Honda 'low cost' aircraft been established 

2 records

Honda introduced last month by renting out 2 records the speed of light aircraft've said.

Honda Jet has a record of two hours 51 minutes to fix the distance of the flight to Fort Lauderdale from New Jersey while the other records up to 2 hours 58 minutes between Palm Beach boost.

The aircraft has a maximum speed of 478 mph and 486 are leveled by the sound of its engine emissions greatly reduced wings....

Japanese company claims that it is the best in terms of fuel savings of up to 600 nautical just 160 gallons of fuel to travel miles while other aircraft of the same class, set in 200 gallons of fuel from the distance 185 are.

Honda aircraft delete less nitrogen dioxide than the other and may be held depending somewhat environmentally friendly.

In navigation, flight were given three 14-inch touch screen display and controls for planning and control, while it can accommodate five passengers.

Honda has made over the aircraft cost 4.85 million dollars (50 million Pakistani Rupees) which he said is less than other aircraft of the same class and this time in North America, are being sold in South America and Europe .


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