HIV identifying USB stick invention, only 30 minutes...


HIV identifying USB stick invention, 

only 30 minutes...

London: British scientists have developed the HIV USB TV-like device that can identify the virus detected in only 30 minutes.

Drip a drop of blood on it is placed on the USB port of the computer, tablet, or other device manually. 

The software tells of HIV in the blood by analyzing the blood for 30 minutes or not. 

The most accurate way through this technology from HIV can be identified.

This tool was developed by Imperial College London's disease diagnostic company DNA Electronics. 

According to experts, this tool can be very effective for remote and poor areas identified in HIV patients. 

The only good thing is that the US would only several days kyruayty HIV test that gives results in minutes.

The scientists say that this tool works on conventional HIV tests are expensive and time-consuming that require complex systems for them. 

But this device is to make the whole experience is like 
compressing a USB stick.

HIV treatment is to get regular blood tests for being less powerful antiretroviral drugs that reduce blood virus testing when it monitored so that the amount of virus. 

If the medicine is not working and the virus was identified is the same powerful effect through blood and then have to find another method of treatment. 

Hopefully this will be a convenient way for patients diagnosed with promises that they will be able to know the amount of virus in their blood.


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