History's greatest scientific achievement, the human brain evolved to use a drug to 100% work


History's greatest scientific achievement, the 

human brain evolved to use a drug to 

100% work

Karachi: The world's most prominent physicist, Stephen Hawking, the man can still access your hundred percent mental capacity and it is the greatest achievement in human history.

News that the intelligence (drug) use their brains before the krtyz, clear and focused n the famous anchor Anderson Cooper Stephen Hawking said in an interview. 

He added that 'just like our brain, muscles, are they utilized are ones you can use these additional doses to strengthen it as a bodybuilder, the difference for you is your mind that is just use and that's something that I continue to use to develop their mental abilities. 

Musician Kenny West (known American actress Kim karadsn husband from) player Tom Brady to which the brain booster medicine (intelligence) it is said that he doubled his IQ (measure of intelligence).

His energy level has been good and the portions were not connected to the brain are connected. After seven years of study at Harvard University scientists finally have a drug that masterpiece of a starting point of a new future in the brain (brain sciences). 

100% increase in new Smart Medicine (IQ scale) IQ, memory, attention and concentration. These scientists have become more than just a drug that has submitted all the studies that the drug which limits hy.antyly or food to improve memory, concentration, attention seeking, fast and effective treatment to improve overall IQ. It took several tests of the drug and the results are astonishing.

A man who says he was tested, as I tried to show the effect of the drug in a few minutes. Suddenly I lost the thought of me, a black cloud over the front, I was more active than before, more fuksd and felt that transparency can feel the energy of andrpayydarnuayt expeditions also mentally "I have never been around, who earlier in life.

The study's major researcher (lead researcher) Dr. Rosen House quoted the revolutionary discovery that the duaya food 'that is designed to have all the vitamins and essential components whose performance improves brain and understanding require to include relevant aspects, short-term memory, long term memory, concentration, energy and skills to solve problems and overall performance of these aspects in mind.

Speaking to Anderson Cooper while Stephen Hawking Smart promote growth, nerve connections to specific sets of drug in the brain fhmyaty functions, the front part of the brain (pre-frontal cortex), and to improve memory and once you remember things quickly Credits.


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