Hand mobile phone maker, Modern Stripe '' Ready...


Hand mobile phone maker, Modern Stripe 

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Seoul, Korea: Korean experts have developed a belt that can make the mobile phone into your hands headphones index finger.

The name of the signal has been Signl. Which causes the body to absorb sound waves, and they can use the phone to his hand. Signal Company has already laid the foundation of the tip of South Korea 3 people talk who worked at Samsung before 2015.

The phone and the Bluetooth device attached to a Smart Watch (such as Samsung and waves of sound through the straps take on Apple, etc.) sends your fingers and hands and I think I've become your fingertips speaker when the straps Mike was sent forth your voice. 

Its creators say that sometimes we have made to not want anyone to hear our conversation and signal the same goal.

He said company officials to develop that SmartWatch wear those little talk because everyone can hear their conversation, but it magically strip is offering a cost effective solution wear the same hands it the future could hear the sound.

This signal is the key technology of the watch strap 2. There is an actuator that produces vibrations in the body. The second item is an algorithm to increase the sound signal system that enables hearing. 

The company said that its battery can be charged from the USB port when the US is 4 and a half hours of effective communication.


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