Gravitational waves from stars to planets and, through scientific discoveries of the year...


Gravitational waves from stars to planets and, through scientific discoveries of the year...

It is up to science to discover the foundations of the building process. There are scattered around what our innovations, is based directly or indirectly, any discovery. Man of the moment, from the beginning of creation has countless discoveries in the vast depths of the sea, air and space, and this process continues. Many important discoveries made in 2016, which is mentioned in the following lines.

* January: While the process of emerging innovative things in every field of science, but thanks to the most powerful telescopes in astronomical discovery has been relatively high. That was the beginning of last year discovered a cluster of galaxies. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Missouri and the University of Florida experts khksany This effort resulted in the discovery of astronomy cluster is at a distance of ten billion light years from Earth.

* Scientists are not lagging behind mathematician discoveries race. The dead have discovered a single number. This number 274,207,281 - 1. 2 corresponds to the power of 74,207,281 Minus 1. The discovery so far is the largest single digit. Earlier 257,885,161 - was 1 win. Credit for the discovery of a number of heads of Central Missouri University mathematicians who received this number from the computer.

* February: A century ago Albert Einstein was famous astronomers envisioned the existence of gravitational waves in the general theory of relativity. I imagine this is the last year more than a thousand international group of scientists has been observed when these waves and place a wreath at the Times. Located in the US Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO), scientists from around the world came to be, the sea view, which would conflict with the existence of black holes, stars and other heavenly bodies rough. These waves were discovered in September 2015 that was announced in February 2016.

Beyond the limits of scientists *sayns, Float in outer years trying to track the existence of life. In this context, they take special care of the environment and explore different planets and asteroids whether or not there is an atmosphere conducive to life. The NASA Hubble telescope to look at, they took care of the planet like the Earth 55 Cancri e. It was the first time that it was similar to the detailed analysis of the atmosphere of a planet. During the analysis of the atmosphere of the planet, scientists carried out the presence of hydrogen and helium gases, but there was no evidence found of the existence of water.

* Pancreatic cancer, the probability of a deadly type of cancer in which the life of victims are still very low. Last year, four types of pancreatic cancer were discovered. With his pose was to explore the causes and treatments.

* March baydtryn astronomers discovered the galaxy from the Hubble telescope. It khksanku called GN-z11, which is located at a distance of 13.4 billion light years from Earth.

* African country are found strange circle in the grass-covered plains of Namibia, whose final explanation scientists can not yet. Grass a short distance away in these areas appear in a circle. The bird is known to be defined as areas are cleared of grass in the field covered with grass. Of these areas are also various stories. This circle that was used only for specific areas of Namibia, however, last year discovered the mysterious realm of the same species in Western Australia playground. This discovery has opened a new chapter in the debate and research.

* Earth millions of years ago, before the arrival of the animals were roaming vigorous man, who called dinosaurs. Decades, scientists are researching them. Different types of dinosaurs were found. They include the giant beasts, birds, meat and vegetarian. Paleontologists discovered fossils of a dinosaur. This discovery was unique in that it was a pregnant dinosaur fossils. The scientists called the discovery important, said it would be thick veil had slipped on the evolutionary aspects of the giant creatures.

* Last year, the discovery of a unique star has puzzled astronomers experts. The uniqueness of this planet's atmosphere contains oxygen as it is completed. The gases are only 0.1 per cent.

* April kuayntm computation, computing the branch which is based on quantum physics. Computer experts are trying to make the principles of quantum physics. He says that quantum computers would revolutionize computing. Quantum computers will be extremely rapid and complete in a few seconds from the calculation. Key developments in this regard had been discovered new quantum state of matter RuCl3 having magnetic properties, such as when the last grafyn. Scientists said that this discovery will help to develop suitable materials for quantum computation.

* Rain is a drink of water if the soil and crops, but soon the rain of mercy will also help to relieve the power shortage. Chinese scientists have made electricity pouring droplets that can be discovered. Scientists thickness of the plated layer on the solar cell during the experiment grafyn equivalent of an atom. Grafyn very good conductor of electricity. When you hit the water drops layer of free electrons and positively connected to the ayunun time, the electric current begins to flow in. This discovery will increase the utility of solar panels.

By *dryayy Amazon quantity of water, is the largest river in the world. 20 per cent of the amount of 
river water in the oceans has fallen in the river from the Atlantic Ocean. A team of scientists for many years was researching about seven thousand kilometers long river. Researchers have discovered that stretches of rocky stream beneath the Amazon River. Further research reveals that this astonishing series of rocky spread over three thousand square miles. Scientists say this discovery will help in understanding the geological features associated with the river.

* May: Experts from the European Space Observatory astronomers have discovered three planets. This planet mhugrds a dwarf stars orbit at a distance of just forty light years from Earth. Surprisingly it was very cool star than the stars. Perhaps that is why, despite being very close to its sun nudryaft planets temperature was a mild temperature of Venus and Earth. The first planet discovered in orbit of small, dim stars. Due to low temperatures is believed to be suitable for such a distance from the sun to flourish life on any planet. So astronomers were excited and the discovery of special interest are the heart of these planets.

* In alien planet that has been the center of attention for decades, is Mars. Red Planet this planet because of the red color is called. Many space research vehicles have landed on Mars. There are several research spacecraft in orbit. These space machines has sent valuable information about the Earth's neighbor planet earth. We know that based on the information that causes the joining in once on Mars and the ice beneath the surface of solid state still exists. Oxygen was discovered last year in the Mars atmosphere. It was the first time in four decades when the detected oxygen in the atmosphere of this planet. The discovery of life on Mars seekers give new energy.

* System have discovered hundreds of planets outside the solar system so far. Such opportunities come at a time when many planets were discovered. Last year, a team from NASA's Kepler mission in May 1284 announced the discovery of planets. I have discovered a planet with so much history it was the first time.

* June: astronomers, who claimed to have discovered a galaxy, the dark of the whole, according to him. Dragonfly 44, a galaxy were detected with the help of powerful telescopes in the world in wind power. Astronomy experts said it contains only 99.99 per cent of its kind, the Galaxy dark. The scientists in the science of dark existence and nature are still unable to say anything definitively. Dragonfly 44 they hope will help them to learn about dark.

* The July "God particle" (the technology) to obtain evidence of the existence of the Big Bang and installed the biggest scientific machine on the border of France and Switzerland for creating. 27 km long machine has been installed in the world's largest underground laboratory. This machine was called the Large Hadron Collider. As a result of the experiments carried out at the LHC, scientists confirm the existence of 'God Particle'. Series of experiments at LHC continues. Associated with the project scientists announced the discovery of the new particle last year. The researchers say that this new type of particles are unable to light the current model of physics.

* August: The biologists discovered the longest alamrjan the world. Green living is found in the Shark Island. The average age is 13 272 years Greenland sharks up to 16 feet long, that it can live more than 400 years.

* Paleontologists discovered the oldest fossils. Island 3.7 billion years old fossils were discovered in Greenland and a shark.

* September was discovered in Argentina's second largest meteorites in the world. This 30-ton space rock out of the ground in the chest gynsydu a small town. According to archaeologists, was probably standing stone hit the ground four years ago. However, it was part of a large rock, which was shattered after entering orbit.

* October: modern and powerful telescopes thanks to the discovery of planets faster than it was a few decades ago. Shortly after being discovered planets and stars. In October, astronomers have discovered a dwarf planet located at a distance of thirteen and a half billion kilometers from the sun.

* November: Britain and China, scientists found a "depression" to establish a joint research within the human brain. The experts had identified the parts of the brain that are affected by depression. The scientists hope that their research will lead to the development of new drugs for depression.


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